About Us

Who We Are?

Coronet Jewelry and Accessories was founded in 1958 in Cleveland, Ohio.  We are one of the largest fashion jewelry wholesalers in the country carrying a huge selection of fashion jewelry, handbags, scarves and accessories.  We sell nationwide to retailers via our website and sales team located throughout the country.  We pride ourselves on carrying the most current styles, and offering a broad range of products all at outstanding prices, backed up by our wonderful customer service team.

Coronet is also home to Main Street earrings, a top selling Nickle Free and Lead Safe fashion earring unit since 1999.

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Our team

Coronet Jewelry



Purchasing Manager

John Berger

California, Arizona, Nevada

Jack Billingsley

Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi

Cynthia Broome

North & South Carolina, Virginia


Jeff Crawford

Iowa, Nebraska

Rod, Sandi, Norm, Chris

Washington, Oregon, Alaska

Barry Forman

Texas, Oklahoma, Dallas Showroom

Mike Hill


Howard Katz

Northern Ohio

David Kovach

New Jersey


Richard Leopold

Central & Southern Ohio, Columbus Marketplace Showroom


Jan Orsini

Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Tom Rule

New York State

Gordy Schafer

Montana, North & South Dakota, Minnesota, Wyoming

Bobbi O’Brien


Faye Skroch


Paddy Hamill

Kansas, Missouri